August 2017 Beauty Discovery

August 2017 Beauty Discovery

The BEAN Antioxidant Mask

By MAHALO Skin Care

With the lush island of Kaua’i as her backdrop, Maryna, founder of MAHALO Skin Care, drew inspiration from her abundant surroundings to create her latest masterpiece, The BEAN Antioxidant Mask, a robust treatment designed to awaken the goddess within each of us. A rich pot of local raw honey, fresh island turmeric and time-stopping astaxanthin get a boost from organic cacao, green and red coffee beans and organic green tea to create a potent antioxidant synergy that detoxifies, exfoliates and firms, revealing a purified glow.

Organic ginger, clove and cinnamon naturally stimulate circulation and energize cell renewal while an aromatic bouquet of vanilla, honey, cardamom and dark chocolate give this mask its decadence. Taking over a year and a half to perfect, the complexity of The BEAN represents Maryna’s commitment to creating products that not only deliver results, but gift us with an experience worthy of our own natural beauty.

August’s Beauty Discovery is valued at $100.

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The BEAN Antioxidant Mask, plus Sidekick, Bamboo Beauty Brush.



• Clearer complexion and a purified glow

• A noticeable increase in firmness and tone

• Increase in circulation to boost skin elasticity and radiance


Astaxanthin – brightening, protecting
Bamboo Charcoal – detoxifying
Bergamot – brightening, toning
Cacao – stimulating, clearing
Carrot Seed – brightening, cell-regenerating
Coffee – brightening, protecting
Hibiscus – firming
Honey – anti-bacterial, brightening, exfoliating, hydrating
Sandalwood – cell-regenerating
Sea Buckthorn Extract – repairing, nourishing
Turmeric – brightening, protecting
Watermelon – brightening, nourishing


MAHALO Bamboo Beauty Brush

MAHALO’s luxe beauty mask brush elevates every beauty treatment with a sleek and sustainable design. The thick, soft bristles glide over the skin to evenly apply The BEAN, The PETAL and PELE Mask with perfect precision. The compact and sturdy design makes it a great travel companion so you can take your self care ritual on the road. It’s a beauty tool you never knew you needed, yet you’ll never want to leave home without.

Find It in the Beauty Store 3.4 oz., $20

Mahalo Skincare_Beauty Heroes_Jeannie Jarnot


In an inspired interview, Maryna shares how MAHALO came to be, the challenges she faces operating a global business from a remote island, and why, as a newly single woman in her 30’s, she feels more optimistic and energized than ever before. In her own words, she shares her deepest intention for us all and how she uses her platform to spread the message of feminine empowerment and gratitude through beauty ritual and true self-love.