August 2018 Beauty Discovery

August 2018

Beauty Discovery

by Ayuna

Always on the cutting edge, Ayuna catapults skincare and green beauty to the next level with its Natural Rejuvenating Treatment Cream – Light and new-to-market Body Cream.

Body Cream, this month’s Sidekick, is an extension of the Hero product, and is formulated with prebiotics from noni stem cells that support good bacteria to flourish in the skin’s microbiome, resulting in clearer, smoother skin.

August’s Beauty Discovery is valued at $257.

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Natural Rejuvenating Treatment Cream – Light


Natural Rejuvenating Treatment Cream – Light delivers a new generation of ingredients, including phyto-peptides and restorative botanical cell factors, in a light cream.



Body Cream

Ayuna’s new-to-market Body Cream, exclusively launching on Beauty Heroes, complements the effects of the skin with well-aging peptides, calming calendula, nourishing jojoba and an intoxicating and complex aroma of gurjum balsam, holy wood, myrrh, chamomile, rosemary, and buchu.

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Less is More

Ayuna beautifully bridges the chasm between green beauty and luxury with their evolutionary, yet simple, approach to botanical skincare.

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