August 2020 Beauty Discovery

August 2020

Beauty Discovery

by Josh Rosebrook

Josh Rosebrook, a 5-time Hero brand, is doing something right. The indie-turned-iconic brand has been on the scene before green was a thing, and has consistently launched hit after hit. The secret the brand’s success is actually quite simple: don’t release a runner up.

This all-or-nothing approach to formulating means that a new product must be truly innovative, unequivocally effective, and broadly appealing. In short, it must outperform the status quo.

Josh Rosebrook’s winning streak continues with the release of August’s Hero, Daily Acid Toner, an AHA liquid toning treatment, with a twist. (Learn more about that below!) It is complemented by two bestselling Sidekicks, Hydrating Accelerator and Nutrient Day Cream Tinted for a universal regimen that works well for any skin type.

August’s Discovery is valued at $106.

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Daily Acid Toner

3.3 oz | $29

Alright, here’s the twist. Daily Acid Toner is an AHA liquid toning treatment resurfaces and brightens with an exfoliating blend of malic, citric, tartaric, and glycolic fruit and flower acids, just as you’d expect. But, its synergistic base of skin-soothing, ultra-hydrating pH-balancing minerals and plant actives from montmorillonite clay, sea kelp, Irish moss, sodium PCA, organic vegetable glycerin and hyaluronic acid acts as a carrier that delivers the powerful AHA’s into the deepest layers of the skin while softening the surface layers at the same time.  So, unlike most acid toners that sting more than they solve, Daily Acid Toner offers subtle stimulation that, over time, rebuilds collagen, resurfaces skin, and restores luminosity.







Hydrating Accelerator

2 oz | $22

Hydrating Accelerator is arguably the most versatile product ever made. A top-seller since day one, it’s a tonifying, moisturizing, herbal and vitamin-infused water that plumps with structured aloe water, reinforces skin’s protective acid mantle barrier and balances skin’s pH, working synergistically to optimize the treatments that come after it, and to refresh skin throughout the day.




Nutrient Day Cream Tinted

1 oz | $55

Nutrient Day Cream Tinted SPF 30 acts like a second skin, offering full-spectrum sun protection and skin regenerating moisture, without heavy coverage. Formulated to protect and prime a full range of skin tones, this universal tint is a light-reflecting, light makeup that enhances the skin beneath it, while blurring blemishes and fine lines.



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Josh Rosebrook’s Acid Trip

Hit after hit, Josh Rosebrook consistently delivers the goods. It’s the only brand to be featured in our Monthly Discovery 5 times, and from his first Hero product to his fifth, we’ve come to recognize his distinct recipe for success. As a founder and formulator, Josh only starts down the path of new product development if he earnestly believes that he can create a one-of-a-kind product in the category. If it’s going to be a runner up, he won’t even bother. This month, re-discover Josh Rosebrook.

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