Brand Ambassador

Amanda Reade

Better Beauty Contributor + Editor , A Beautiful Pursuit

Amanda Reade is an eco-glam enthusiast and the Editor behind A Beautiful Pursuit, a website devoted to pursuing better in all areas of life’s journey. Her passion for better beauty stems from a long career in both Public Relations and as a professional Makeup Artist and Stylist for some of the biggest names in country music. Knowing both the marketing and performance side of products helps her carefully sort and select the best items on the market with a scrutinous eye.

Amanda was born in Kentucky and hails from Nashville, TN, now living in California with her Husband raising a son and 6 comical chickens. Her passion stems from not only surrounding herself with clients who unknowingly “faced” toxins every day through something as glamorous as makeup, but also in transitioning her family into a cleaner, more sustainable lifestyle after her husband’s 4-time battle with cancer.

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Superpower: Eliminates stress by not even acknowledging the word “perfection”.

My Mission as a Beauty Heroes Ambassador: To encourage consumers to embrace better choices a little each day, focusing on how we can all learn from one another.

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