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Britanie Faith

Natural Beauty Advocate, Beauty By Britanie

Britanie Faith is a renowned natural beauty advocate, wellness writer, holistic health enthusiast, freelance makeup artist and photographer.

Aside from creating and managing Beauty By Britanie, she also writes for Mind Body Green, Vivo Life, Free+Native, and regularly contributes articles, pictures & makeup tutorials to Organic Beauty Talk, Pop Sugar, Lucky Magazine, Spirit Beauty Lounge as well as many other online sites. Her passion and determination come from spreading the word that ultimately creating organic beauty always comes from the Inside – Out.

Britanie reviews the very best in natural, non-toxic, eco-friendly, & organic skincare and makeup, holistic remedies, teas, tonics, tips and tools for wellness, eco friendly products, fashion, alternative health, and shares personal life musings.

She studied Psychology and English in college and soon thereafter, completed Natalia Rose‘s Intensive Teacher Training Program in NYC. Natalia also asked Britanie to be her Intern and help with different projects involving her book, Detox For Women, that was published in 2009, which she gratefully accepted.

Britanie has dealt with the challenges of Endometriosis, Fibromyalgia, GERD, Anxiety Disorder, and other difficult issues accompanied by these conditions since very young adulthood. Due to an inability to detox properly, Britanie is dedicated to living a clean life and limiting exposure to toxins. All of this has increased her passion for helping others deal positively and proactively with their own concerns.

She is adamantly committed to researching the myriad ways of incorporating gifts of ayurvedic principles, holistic & chinese medicine, aromatherapy, yoga, meditation, energy healing, diet, herbalism and positive thinking into our lives to facilitate healing.

Britanie has gained a great deal of knowledge through her dedication to learning as much as possible about chronic health conditions and it was through that researching process that she became interested in not only what she was putting in her body but what she was putting on her body as well.

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Superpower: My Intuition and Love. When I get that "gut" feeling that I'm on the right path, I'm ready to invest my entire heart and soul (and subsequently my love) into a person or mission.

My Mission as a Beauty Heroes Ambassador: My mission as a Spa Heroes Ambassador is to be an integral part of this green beauty & wellness movement for changing the way we care for ourselves. Gone are the days when we had to compromise our precious health in the name of beauty (just say no to the 'Villians'). I want to share my personal experience, knowledge, support and encourage others towards the path of self-love and true healing. I can do that as an Ambassador for Spa Heroes! It's very gratifying to spread the message of Use Less. Love More.

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