Brand Ambassador

Danielle Torres

Cruelty-Free + Vegan Vlogger, Cruelty Free Vegan Beauty

Danielle is a vegan, cruelty free, non-toxic makeup and skincare vlogger. She used conventional products most of her life and, to her surprise, she learned that her favorite products contained many harmful and toxic ingredients. It wasn’t until going vegan nearly six years ago that she started to analyze not only what ingredients were in her food, but also in the products she was putting on her body. It all started with seeking out vegan ingredients two years ago that turned into a quest to eliminate all toxic ingredients from her lifestyle. Danielle started a blog to document her transition to healthy and natural products until she discovered the growing green beauty community on YouTube. She found that medium was the best place to inspire others with her passion for a vegan and toxin-free lifestyle. She spends hours researching brands and ingredients to to introduce the healthiest green skincare and makeup to other others on a similar journey.

One of Danielle’s favorite skin care items are face masks. She has a pretty large collection of them, we could even call it an obsession. She thinks a face mask can fix anything! Well, almost any skin care problem that is. One of her longtime favorites, Pele Mask by Mahalo Skincare is the Hero Product that first introduced her to Beauty Heroes, and she’s been hooked ever since.

Apart from her love of green beauty, Danielle lives in Gilbert, AZ with her husband and three cats and enjoys cooking, reading, and knitting. She studied English Literature in college and now works in the financial industry for her day job.

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