Brand Ambassador

Jana D.

Green Beauty Blogger, Small Bits of Loveliness

Jana is a green beauty blogger from Slovenia, a small country in Europe. She is passionate about green, organic, cruelty free products and strives to find a healthy mind, spirit and body balance every day. She became interested in green beauty almost ten years ago when she was in college studying Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology. Makeup and other beauty products have always intrigued her and so much so that she attended Beautician school prior to going to even before going to college. Jana currently works in a museum, but her free time is mostly spend behind the screen working on articles, sharing her skin care musings and applying makeup on people.

Besides her day job and writing her blog Small Bits of Loveliness, she recently launched a project with three other green beauty bloggers called The Peridot Mag, a magazine where you can find articles on organic beauty, ethical fashion, lifestyle and other things green.

She describes herself as a friendly person, dog lover and karma believer. She enjoys good company, delicious vegan and vegetarian food and TV series.

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