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Healthy Lifestyle Blogger, janny: organically.

Janny is a wife, mother and healthy living blogger – you may know her as janny: organically. She’s known for her maniacal vigilance toward truth and researching-to-death the topics that might bore the average American into a GMO induced comma only to draw enough insight to shock them out of it. She’s brutally honest and transparent; letting the whole world into some very private moments of life in order to demonstrate transformative vulnerability.

She is an esteemed member of the Wellness Warrior Acronym Club, a recipient of both PCOS and MTHFR, so sharing tips on improving these conditions with holistic approaches is near and dear to her heart. She loves Jesus, an appropriately placed swear word, and West Wing reruns unapologetically. Whether it’s informing people on toxic products, people, industry, or diet, Janny passionately pursues justice in every area while tempering it with grace and humor.

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Superpower: Effortless beauty. Just kidding, it's sarcasm. My talent is sarcasm.

My Mission as a Beauty Heroes Ambassador: To spread the word about the power of clean ingredients beauty products and help others replace conventional products on the shelves. That and that all the homework is done on these products and they can receive them for such a great value is icing on the gluten, dairy and refined-sugar free cake.

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Product Safety News


With the rise in awareness about ingredient safety, a host of new organizations, technologies and certifying bodies have cropped up as well, each with the aim to help educate and navigate the ever-changing landscape of formula transparency. EWG pioneered the movement with the launch of SkinDeep Database and Skin Deep App, followed by their EWG Verified certification, launched in 2015. Blogger-activist Sarita Coren recently took an in depth look at Skin Deep, and offered a unbiased account of its strengths and limitations to help citizens understand how to best use this tool. Also on the scene, Think Dirty is another popular tool that rates ingredient more

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