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Holistic Lifestyle Educator, Blogger and RN, Clean Is The New Black

Jena is a holistic lifestyle coach, nurse, mother, and lover of education. Her passion stems from learning that prevention is the best medicine. While at work she takes care of the most critically ill patients, and she has learned with the right knowledge and empowerment many of these patients could have avoided the critical situations they were in. Proactive holistic medicine is the best way we can all achieve vivacious wellness.

Jena was raised by parents that taught her at an early age the importance of seeing your body as a whole unit and not individual systems like Western Medicine does. With a personal battle of adult onset acne Jena then discovered just how important clean beauty and internal wellness really was. She then immersed herself in education on all things holistic and has come to know how to have and maintain health.

Jena is a regular contributor on Scratch Mommy, an e-magazine on maintaining a natural home. You can also find her work on various other blogs and local wellness newspapers. On Clean’s the New Black you will find many ways to stay healthy, feel your best, and achieve beauty from within. She teaches you alternatives to western treatments that are backed by sound research. Plus shares her favorite in green beauty. When Jena isn’t working or blogging you can find her playing with her two young girls, dancing, or outdoors in the warm California sun.

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Superpower: Breaking down medical concepts so the average person can understand how and why their bodies work.

My Mission as a Beauty Heroes Ambassador: To spread awareness about clean beauty options and the risks conventional beauty poses.

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