Brand Ambassador

Jessica Morse

Clean Lifestyle Blogger, Bare Beauty

Jessica is a wife, mother and a Clean Lifestyle blogger. While undergoing a toxin-elimination cleanse with her naturopath, Jessica’s eyes were opened to the dangers of environmental toxins in beauty and personal care products. After many hours of research, and much product trial-and-error, friends began asking for advice and Bare Beauty was born in 2013. Jessica blends her discerning taste for luxury products with her holistic values, proving that women no longer have to choose between good health and glamour. However, she doesn’t stop there. Bare Beauty is also a complete lifestyle resource that covers wellness, Clean eating, and nontoxic items for the home and the whole family.

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Superpower: She can successfully apply her makeup in a moving vehicle without a mirror - as long as shes not the one driving.

My Mission as a Beauty Heroes Ambassador: To educate my audience while getting tried-and-true clean beauty favorites into the hands of everyone - at a reasonable price.

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