Brand Ambassador

Julie De Séve

Healthy Beauty Blogger, Let's Talk About Green

Julie is passionate about eliminating as many toxins as possible and other chemicals in daily living and shares her discoveries and top picks on her bi-lingual French/English blog, Let’s Talk About Green. As mother of three, her children describe their mom as, “obsessed about organic and natural”. Although using the word obsessed may be arguable, Julie is passionate about helping others make informed healthy choices for themselves and their families. A French Canadian in the province of Quebec, Julie lives in the hustle and bustle of Montreal city life. Although strongly connected to nature, she still could not imagine living in the countryside and enjoys the high-energy urban life offers. Naturally curious, Julie is driven to be an informed and conscientious consumer for not only what she puts in her body, but also what she puts on her body.

Due diligence is important to Julie, and believes a critical eye should be used when reading labels and conducting research. Not everything is as it seems. By taking some additional time to discover more about a company or product helps to make more thoughtful and healthy choices.

With anticipation of how consumers will change their purchasing habits in the near future, Julie is excited about what change is possible through critical, conscientious, educated and informed choices, which ultimately make us healthier and happier.

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