Beauty Council

Julie M. Pankey

Founder, JMPankey Partners

A native New Englander, Julie founded JMPankey Partners to provide spas with mentorship of the caliber she received from some of the best in the business. To Julie helping other spas succeed is her passion.

Julie’s spa career began at Yolanda’s, a full-service luxury salon in Waltham, MA and has led her to leadership positions at well-known spas such as the Spa at Norwich Inn, Spa at the Cliff House Resort and the Four Seasons Resort, Great Exuma. She has also served as a Branding and Business Development Consultant for various beauty brands including Mary Cohr, Ionithermie, Osea Malibu, Christopher Drummond Beauty, and Catherine Hinds Essentials. She founded JMPankey Partners in 2008, the full-circle realization of her dreams and life’s work.

In addition to her professional degree she is a Certified Master Nail Technician, Reiki Practitioner and Certified Spa Supervisor.

Superpower: Seeing, inspiring and bringing out the best in people through my passion, integrity and trust.

My mission as a Beauty Superhero: To help all spas, no matter their size or budget, achieve their highest desired level of success. My belief is that everyone deserves to opportunity to be great!

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