Brand Ambassador

Katie O'Sullivan

Green Obsessed Blogger, The Green Product Junkie

It’s easy being green if you’re one of Katie O’Sullivan’s readers.  Her sassy yet completely authentic style will make you WANT to be rid of toxic beauty for good.  Writing from her heart about only products she loves, she’s just as skilled at making you want to red your lips as she is as making you want to ditch that disposable coffee cup, A native New Yorker and self proclaimed green product junkie, Katie’s quest to find a healthy alternative to conventional deodorant led her to a life-changing article on the amount of lead in conventional lipstick. This launched her obsession with all things organic and non-toxic beauty. Once she knew better, there was no going back.  So she sought to help educate others on her blog, The Green Product Junkie. Here she writes about the healthy beauty and lifestyle products she loves, in hopes to help people make the transition into a more toxic-free existence.

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