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Lisa Fennessy

Healthy Lifestyle Blogger, This Organic Girl

Lisa Fennessy is the writer behind This Organic Girl. With a bachelor in Journalism from Northeastern University and a bit of formal photography education, she utilizes these talents to muse about healthy living on her blog and social media outlets. This Organic Girl is a reflection of Lisa’s passion for all things green beauty, healthy eating and nontoxic living. She says the key to success is making informed decisions and stresses the importance of label reading and asking questions about what’s in a product.

In 2013 a trifecta of events sent her all-in with green living. Her month-old baby was suffering from a bad case of Eczema, her Mom was diagnosed with her fourth brain tumor and she had a friend who commiserated about chickens being washed in ammonia – she had her turning point. Driven by determination to find an alternative and a passion for truth, Lisa hit the green scene hard and never looked back. 

Lisa lives in Boston, but will soon be moving to Atlanta with her husband, Jason and her two boys, Cole and Quinn.

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