Brand Ambassador

Mercedes Lyson

Eco Luxe Beauty YouTuber + Blogger, L'amour et la Musique

Mercedes is an eco/luxe beauty youtuber and blogger who started L’amour et la Musique in 2014 as a way to connect with other like-minded eco-beauty enthusiasts, and share her extensive product junkie knowledge and candidly authentic opinions. Mercedes brings well-honed research skills, discerning judgment, and an articulate perspective to the eco-beauty community, with a focus that extends beyond beauty products and towards alternative health and lifestyle practices more generally.

She is an avid acupuncture devotee, and credits the practice with profoundly transforming her health, and relationship to her self/body. L’amour et la Musique’s video content ranges from brand overviews/reviews, makeup demonstrations, music recommendations, and spiritual tool suggestions, along with popular youtube-specific videos like “hauls” (Mercedes Shops!), monthly favorites, empty product reviews, and “get ready with me’s.” Beyond reviewing the latest and greatest in eco-beauty, L’amour et la Musique represents Mercedes’ holistic perspective on cultivating and curating a beautiful, thoughtful, conscious, meaningful life – for herself, and those around and close to her.

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