Brand Ambassador

Molly Hill

Natural Beauty Advocate + Healthy Lifestyle Blogger, Maison Pur

Molly is a holistic minded mama to two young kids, who has always had a penchant for all things beauty related. As a young teen she studied makeup in magazines and experimented with every product imaginable, sometimes with disastrous effects (her eyebrows still have not quite recovered form the 90’s). As an adult her products and techniques became more sophisticated, but she realized the beauty products she loved so much did not live up to her healthy lifestyle. After becoming pregnant with her first child, she embarked on the journey to find safer swaps for all of her products. The only catch? They needed to work great and make her feel just as glamorous as her old products had.

On her blog, Maison Pur, Molly reviews the best performing natural beauty products, along with sharing safer products for the whole family and advocating for change in the personal care industry. She’s passionate about arming people with knowledge, helping her family live a healthy lifestyle and exploring new places.

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