Brand Ambassador

Nicole MacDowall

Green Beauty Blogger, OrgaNic Obsessions

Half Swedish-Japanese and currently living in Stockholm, Sweden, Nic’s passion for green beauty started when her sister handed her a cleanser from an Australian brand and she’s never looked back since. In her free time, she enjoys writing lengthy posts mainly on green beauty on OrgaNic Obsessions, contributing content to The Peridot and encouraging others to make cleaner and healthier choices through fun posts on Instagram. She’s a big believer in every action counting and loves supporting others to make steps, however small, to live mindfully and authentically. Every little step today leads to a bigger one down the road! Nothing makes her happier than when she has helped someone realize how fabulous and effective green beauty is.

Though she considers having both feet on the ground, her gaze often goes skywards where she finds daily inspiration and beauty, something she eternalises in her photos with #iamofthesky.

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