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Beauty is our birthright

Rachel Roberts

Founder, Oyl + Water

Seasoned spa and beauty marketer Rachel Roberts has one simple yet provocative question: Why? After 15 years of launching spas, skincare lines and hundreds of marketing initiatives for a wide range of brands, she knows that uncovering why a brand exists is the most important step in the marketing process. It is the foundation upon which a distinct positioning, unexpected marketing strategy and uncompromising customer experience is built.

Rachel is the founder and CEO of Oyl + Water, a boutique marketing agency for beauty, spa and wellness brands. She practices Mindful Marketing, an intentional approach to creating meaningful content, products and experiences that enhance health and wellbeing, while establishing clients as thought leaders and innovators within their field.

With 15 years of experience in beauty and wellness, Rachel has managed multi-channel distribution and marketing strategies for three global skincare brands, led the pre-opening operations and management for four spas and has helped launch dozens of natural product lines.

Rachel is a 2015 Delegate at the Global Wellness Summit, an international gathering of leaders and visionaries in the global wellness industry. She is also a panelist at the 2015 Indie Beauty Expo, a New York City exposition for beauty entrepreneurs.

Superpower: Clear Communication and Mindful Marketing. Tapping in to what is essential.

My mission as a Beauty Superhero: To support this incredible company that is poised to inspire a new generation of beauty consumers who are educated, optimistic and empowered.

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Beauty is our birthright


At the root of Albert Einstein’s life’s work is a single fundamental truth: beauty is our birthright. He understood that beauty is the basic law that governs the universe. All creatures respond instinctively to beauty – color, taste, touch, smell and symmetry – and adapt accordingly to survive. Consider the flower, arguably one of the most beautiful gifts of nature. Flowers engineer the shape of their petals, the length of their pistil, the smell and texture of their sweet nectar and their trapping mechanism to ensure their captor is sufficiently covered in the flower’s DNA. Beautifying itself is how the flower ensures its species lives on. Since the beginning of humanity, we have abided by these laws of nature. Whether a rite of passage, a tribal practice or a self-care ritual, we’ve been altering our appearance with artistry and artifice in celebration of more

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