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Sandra Grignon

Spa Director, Bardessono, Yountville, California

Sandra is the founding Spa Director at the modern luxury eco-boutique hotel, Bardessono in the heart of the Napa Valley. She was lured into the spa and wellness by the rustic luxury of The Carneros Inn where she served as the Spa Manager. She joined Bardessono, in the well-known town of Yountville, to open the LEED Platinum certified property, one of only 3 hotels in the US earning this distinction. Sandra has a unique ability to discover the essence of products and people and has used that talent wisely in her spa. She curates her spa beautifully and has an unmistakable flair for finding distinctive luxury products and services.

Born and raised in Napa, Sandra has a degree in Environmental Studies with a concentration on International Conservation from Sonoma State University. Living in California wine country, she naturally began as a wine buyer and followed that path into the iconic Domaine Carneros as the Retail Manager before her success as a Spa Superhero.

Superpower: Stylish Candor

My mission as a Beauty Superhero: To connect people to a sustainable lifestyle through health and design.

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