Brand Ambassador

Sarita Coren

Holistic Beauty Advocate, Edible Facial

Sarita Coren, L.S.W., is a natural mama with a wicked sweet tooth and an insatiable desire to bring people together, if not in the name of chocolate, then at least in the name of doing something beautiful in the world. Her experience in wellness spans decades (yes, 20+ years), and includes raising five kids holistically, organizing super fun green gatherings, and discovering deep soul truths. She does not dye her hair, embraces her joy lines, and loves sampling all the best in clean beauty possible. You can find her free spirit at The Hub of Clean Living where she thoughtfully shares her thoughts on skincare, parenting and healthy living.

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Superpower: Living in my truth with But truth combined with compassion and tolerance .

My Mission as a Beauty Heroes Ambassador: To educate on skincare ingredients and have fun while sharing impeccable products that are priced affordably so everyone can enjoy them.

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