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Beauty Blogger + Esthetician, Gurl Gone Green

Suzi’s quest of becoming obsessed with what she was putting on my skin, in her hair and everywhere else started over 5 years ago when her mom bought her a copy “No More Dirty Looks”. Now she can’t look at a tube of toothpaste without checking the ingredients. She’s been aware of what she was putting in her body, but had no idea that what she was putting on her eyes, hair and everywhere else mattered too!

As a stylist and esthetician, Suzi quickly realized her methods needed to change. She switched over to a more organic natural haircare line, swapped out her skincare products, and started telling anyone that would listen about the reality of the beauty industry. Through all of this, GurlGoneGreen was born. As much as she loves beauty, she believes it’s about an approach to lifestyle. It all matters, from what we put in our mouth, to exercise, and what we store our food in. For Suzi, living green is a way of life, one step at a time.

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