Beauty Heroes Commits to 1% For The Planet

I remember the moment I first felt like a bonafide business owner. I was still in startup phase, and I was pondering the Beauty Heroes business model. I had always known I wanted to use my business to make a positive impact. But how? And how much could I give? There were so many worthy causes that pulled at my heart strings. Then I remembered a mantra that Marianne Williamson has been said to repeat to herself in times of doubt:

Where would You have me go? What would You have me do? What would You have me say, and to whom?

I meditated on these questions until it hit me:

Despite where we live, how we live, and what we believe; despite our political learnings or yearly earnings; despite our differences, we are all nourished, supported and provided for by the great Gaia. And we’re destroying her.   

And so it was decided. She would be our muse. Our reason for being. And our greatest beneficiary. Mother Earth would be our cause, and we would find the most worthy ways to give back. 

Two years ago we started to give a portion of our profits to 5 Gyres, one of the leading NGO’s that has been working to conduct valuable research, educate on grow awareness of the global ocean plastic crisis. During this time, I’ve also been researching companies who pour resources into making a positive and lasting impact. I have been watching Patagonia very closely, a company that has become synonymous with environmental activism. I’ve studied the Founder of Patagonia,Yvon Chouinard and have listened to him speak about Patagonia’s mission to do everything within it’s power to save our planet. I discovered that he and others started an organization called 1% For the Planet, where companies commit to giving 1% of their top line revenue to environmental causes through monetary donations, education and volunteer work. A knew I had found our path forward. 

At first, it seemed like a big commitment to promise 1% of revenue (not just profit), back to the environment. But like so many big decisions that feel scary yet right, I pressed forward, knowing that we could make this work. 

Today, just a few short months since penning a partnership, I think 1% revenue is the bare minimum. It’s the very least we can do. And I’m committed to doing more.

With the startling state of our environmental crisis, it’s undeniable that we ALL need be doing our 1%. So, while I’m proud that Beauty Heroes has signed on as a 1% For the Planet company, we will continue to give generously to organizations like 5 Gyres, The Rainforest Alliance, One Tree Planted and others. I also will continue to champion the brands that have their own philanthropic cause built into their business model.

This means that when you, our customer, purchases any of these products through our website, 1% of the revenue will go to 1% For The Planet AS WELL as a portion that will be donated to THEIR charity. We will continue to build Project Blue Beauty into a global movement, support regenerative beauty companies and participate in boots-on-the-ground initiatives like beach cleanups. With your help, our 1% can add up to so much more.