Let’s Give a Warm Welcome to Graydon Skincare’s Moon Boost Serum

After so much time spent on formulating, testing, and testing yet again, it is finally here: the Moon Boost Serum by Graydon Skincare. We have been waiting for this product to come on out for a long while now and we are so glad to see that it is finally here right in our online store of all places. Since we truly love what we do here at Beauty Heroes, we are just as excited to see new, promising products come out into the scene as you are. We love getting to see these clean, plant-based skincare products come on out right when the brand finally feels confident and sure of this release.

We eagerly await anything Graydon Skincare comes out with since we are such fans of this line and her work with it. Graydon Moffat created her own skin care line when she was living in Southern California, practicing yoga and forming a connection to the flora of that particular landscape.

There was so much lush plant life there, that Graydon began to dabble in crafting her own beauty concoctions which she would then share with her friends and fellow practitioners of yoga. She packed these products with nourishing superfoods that were rich in ingredients our skin loves and needs in order to stay healthy. These small-batch products were a hit and had people coming back for more of every product she could whip up. As she saw an interest in her products grow, she began improving the scale and efficiency of how she created these products, and eventually established her own clean beauty brand, Graydon Skincare.

We carry other products from this line in our store, but for now, we want to set our sights on the Moon Boost Serum and share some of our thoughts on it. We love everything about this product and have some insight that you might find helpful as you decide whether or not this serum is worth your time and a slot in your routine.

What Is the Moon Boost Serum?
This is the real star of the hour, so we really want to make a friendly introduction to this product so that you feel informed about what it is and what it is designed to do.

The Moon Boost Serum is a multi-vitamin skin care serum that is made with nutrient-rich superfoods, much like her original creations, but with a much more sophisticated formulation. It is meant to be your solution to dull, dehydrated skin. Each of the vibrant botanical ingredients in its formulation come together to create a potent plant-powered serum that feeds your skin much of what it needs to be healthy and hydrated.

Meadowfoam seed oil establishes the base of this serum and is supported by other nourishing plant-based ingredients.

This formulation includes carrot seed oil (which is rich in vitamin A), prickly pear oil, safflower oil, blueberry oil, gromwell root extract, and many other vibrant botanical oils and extracts. It contains vitamins A, B, C, D, E, F, and K, and works on all kinds of skin types so anyone can enjoy the benefits of this multi-purpose product. Each of these seven vitamins offers up its own benefits including hydration, collagen production, cell renewal, anti-inflammation, elasticity, and more. It is a luxurious and well-balanced formulation that creates a silky smooth finish on the skin and applies easily. It feels like a treat to apply this product to your skin every day or night.

How Do I Layer It In My Routine?
Now that you know more about the skin care benefits of the Graydon Skincare Moon Boost Serum, you might want to know more about how it can fit into your life in a practical way. Once you get settled into a steady rhythm for your daily skincare rituals, it becomes fairly easy to introduce new products and you already know where they can go.

Serums are generally easy to introduce into a routine because they can typically be layered together smoothly before being sealed off with a moisturizer and possibly a beauty oil. As long as the serum formulations absorb into the skin well and do not pill up, they should be able to layer up smoothly so you can use more than one at a time. This multi-vitamin serum is a great addition to your daily routine as it imparts vitamins and essential fatty acids into the skin to keep it healthy with a strong natural barrier against environmental stressors.

We certainly have a great assortment of skin care serums at Beauty Heroes, each with its own unique benefits, but we still have room for more plant-powered and results-driven products like the Moon Boost Serum to make sure everyone has plenty of clean, healthy options at their fingertips. We encourage you to take a closer look at this luxurious serum along with other products from the line like the complementary Full Moon Serum from Graydon Skincare, which helps with anti-aging. Explore these potent botanical blends and get to know Graydon Skincare a bit better.