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The 12 Best Makeup Subscription Boxes

If you’re curious about clean beauty, this is the box for you. Each month, you’ll get one full-size product, along with an assortment of deluxe samples, free of harmful ingredients.read more

Where To Shop for Organic and Natural Beauty Products

Beauty Heroes has an exhaustive banned ingredient policy and sends a full-size product and mini samples from a single clean beauty brand each month.read more

She-conomy Drives Circular Economy

To make a difference, go for blue beauty: Paying back environmental debt. Jeannie Jarnot, Founder of Beauty Heroes, an online retailer shifts the focus from being green to – going blue. Project Blue Beauty: Puts a spotlight on brands who use their business to create a better, bluer planet by planting trees, investing in ocean clean-ups or else. Creating a positive brand image – for the clean beauty brands that we women choose.read more

The Future Of Clean Beauty

We talked to three experts to help us unpack the latest beauty buzzword and its future in skincare. Founder and CEO of luxury organic skincare brand True Botanicals, Hillary Peterson, dermatologist and founder of science-based natural skincare line Goldfaden MD, Dr. Gary Goldfaden, and founder and curator of healthy beauty subscription Beauty Heroes, Jeannie Jarnot, tell us about what clean beauty is today, what more needs to be done in terms of research and regulation, and what we can expect the movement to look like in the foreseeable future.read more

Eco-preneur Jeannie Jarnot: “Don’t give in, no matter what…”

A long time eco-preneur, Jeannie is proud to be leading the charge about shifting the clean beauty conversation to go beyond what a brand stands for to include how that brand is giving back. While we’re all familiar with “going green” and the significance it has on our environment, Jeannie is now encouraging consumers to move onto the next phase of clean beauty by “going blue” and taking intentional actions with our beauty that can positively impact the community, oceans, air, and planet-at-large.read more

2019 Spa and Wellness Trend: The Blue Beauty Wave

Jeannie Jarnot, founder of Beauty Heroes, coined the term “blue beauty” after hearing a trend analyst explain how consumers would eventually demand companies go blue if they want to maintain their loyalty. “Blue beauty is when personal care and beauty companies have initiatives within their operation that go beyond being sustainable, non-toxic, or green, but rather contribute back, in some way, to the health of the planet,” says Jarnot. Realizing that many of the companies she works with were already giving back, she created Project Blue Beauty, which spotlights brands that are working to create a better, bluer planet. read more

Why Blue Beauty Should Be Our Next Green Beauty

Blue beauty is a facet of green beauty, but it specifically supports ocean conservation, using reef safe ingredients and moving towards zero-waste packaging, or packaging that is virtually plastic free. ‘Project blue beauty’ was spearheaded by the founder of Beauty Heroes, Jeannie Jarnot, in an effort to create a better and bluer planet. read more

What Is Blue Beauty?

Project blue beauty” was spearheaded by the founder of Beauty Heroes, Jeannie Jarnot, in an effort to create a better and bluer planet. Jarnot and Kapua Browning, the founder of Honua, hosted a beach clean up in Oahu, Hawaii, which resulted in a collection of a staggering 700 pounds of plastic. During this time, Hawaii banned two widely used sunscreen chemicals — oxybenzone and octinoxate — in an effort to help the oceans.read more

Blue Is The New Green In Clean Beauty

Beauty brands have been going green for some time now. Over the years, ingredient lists have shifted from indecipherable essays to easy-to-read and compact compilations. At the same time, natural cosmetics went from being niche to a priority for brands. With this increase in visibility, more natural beauty companies appeared on the market and consumers were granted more accessibility to products that wouldn’t leave them with a guilty conscience. Now that green has pretty much taken over, Jeannie Jarnot, the owner of online beauty store Beauty Heroes, thinks it’s time to move onto the next phase of clean beauty: going blue.read more

Battling dull skin and bad breakouts? You might want to switch to green beauty

Unlike their truly green counterparts, the natural beauty industry in India is vastly unregulated, with no third-party certifications to guarantee their purity. For instance, 100ml of good quality rose essential oil costs around $1,500 (USD) because it is labour intensive, and takes around 5kg of rose petals to produce 1gm of rose oil. It is, therefore, safe to assume that a product priced under Rs 500 will probably not contain the real thing.These products may be tougher on your wallet, but the pure ingredients also make them more effective. “These [higher quality] formulae are more costly to make. The absence of fillers and chemicals leaves space for the actives that really do the heavy lifting,” says Jeannie Jarnot, founder of US-based green beauty subscription box, Beauty Heroes.read more