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This unique subscription box focuses on one beauty brand a month

Hello Giggles gives a rave review to May’s Beauty Discovery. “I am someone who personally feels exhausted by decision fatigue, so being presented with a few full-size options with clear uses felt refreshing and more personal.”read more

Give Your Routine A Green Makeover

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The Best Natural and Organic Beauty Subscription Services

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Navigating the green beauty trend

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Man Repeller Talks Green Beauty 101 : Where to Start and What to Avoid

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Beauty Heroes named Best Green Beauty Subscription Box by Thoughtfully

Thoughtfully nominated Beauty Heroes “Best Green Beauty Subscription Box” for their 2016 Green Beauty Awards. As we’ve been taking the month of January to reflect on what we want less and more of in 2017 and improving our overall wellness, we … Continuedread more

Cool Hunting’s Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

A company that has immense ingredient integrity, Beauty Heroes doesn’t skimp on quality. Ensuring their products aren’t just toxin-free, but rather actually good for you, the team selects some of the most glorious products that will leave you feeling entirely … Continuedread more

6 Gifts That Will Inspire Your Mother-in-Law to Treat You Like Family

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Laurel Shaffer talks with Jeannie about her favorite things, her perfect day, and Using Less, Loving More

Laurel Shaffer, Laurel Whole Plant Organics founder talks with Jeannie, Beauty Heroes founder about her favorite things, her perfect day, and Using Less, Loving More.read more