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Meet (almost) Doctor Courtney Kahla

Can I just say, I am overjoyed to see women talk about beauty as more than products that are marketed to make you look pretty.  While the link between beauty and health has always been there, beauty wasn’t always presented this way.  I am so encouraged to see women pursue careers in holistic wellness include beauty in the conversation about optimal health.  I recently connected with Courtney Kahla, a holistic chiropractor, author of the blog pure + radiant and a skincare formulator in her own right.  Focusing on prenatal and pediatric chiropractic care, visits with this (almost) Doctor of Chiropractic include discussions about lifestyle, nutrition and yes, beauty products.  In the coming weeks, you will meet several new health professionals we’ve added to our Circle of Trust. I hope you will be as inspired as I am by how the conversation around beauty is shifting as doctors, nurses and other health professionals fold healthy beauty into their practices.  Let’s begin, by introducing you to Courtney, who I am sure you will want to schedule your next chiropractic visit with by the time you finish this interview. read more

Susan Jane White takes the Hell out of Healthy

Susan Jane White isn’t just our newest Brand Ambassador, she is my newest health and wellness inspiration and Hero. The former President of the Oxford University gastronomy society, journalist, cookbook author and long-time Beauty Heroes subscriber and fan has been connecting food, health and beauty in the most delightful ways with her wit, sass and deliriously delicious approach to healthy living. She brings a heaping serving of humor to the table and the page every time, helping us all take it all just a little less serious so we can get back into the true joy of healthy cooking. I highly recommend her two wheat, dairy and gluten-free cookbooks Tasty. Naughty. Healthy. Nice and The Virtuous Tart that are both chock full of inventive and approachable recipes and are even more fun to read than they are to prepare. Can you tell, I’m a fan? I know you will be too, just watch, read on and enjoy meeting Susan Jane White.read more

Jeannie Jarnot speaks
at Indie Beauty Expo

Indie Beauty Expo, known in the industry as simply iBE, has quickly evolved into one of the most exciting and engaging consumer beauty events in our industry.  Co-founded by Jillian Wright and Nader Nayemi-Rad, the event puts a spotlight on … Continuedread more


I am particularly excited to announce Arjun to our community of Beauty Heroes Brand Ambassadors. I had been searching for a man who connected to healthy living like the rest of our conscious beauty circle of trust. So, when Elena shared his blog, JustAskArjun.com with me, I was very excited to find a man who just ‘gets it’. Reading his blog over the last couple of months, I have enjoyed hearing his process of evaluating products for ingredients, performance and packaging, while staying mindful of keeping a realistic skincare routine. He resonates deeply with brands who have a commitment to delivering a unique offering with careful ingredient sourcing.read more

Q+A with
Nicole Gustafsson
OrgaNic Obsessions

Meet ‘Nic’, a down-to-earth global citizen and green beauty blogger, as well as a long-time member of the Beauty Heroes community from Stockholm, Sweden. Ever since she first joined Beauty Heroes, she has been one of our strongest supporters by sharing her pure joy and passion for healthy beauty. Nic’s beauty discoveries give light to the fact that clean beauty isn’t just good for you, it’s a journey that is fun and will change the way you look at the world. As a highly engaged member of the online green beauty community, Nic shares her very personal experiences with the Hero products and brands she loves, encouraging us to enjoy the process of discovery and celebrate all that makes us feel and live beautifully.read more

All Access:
The Indie Beauty Expo

If you are within range of New York City, the upcoming Indie Beauty Expo August 24-25 at the Metropolitan Pavilion should be on your radar. While most beauty events are reserved for industry professionals, media and those ‘in the know’, the Indie Beauty Expo opens its doors on Wednesday August 24th from 4PM-8PM when we can all be beauty insiders. You can get an all access pass to discover, shop, and meet the founders of over 120 domestic and international emerging beauty brands, most of which meet the Indie Beauty Expo’s clean and green beauty standard. read more

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