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I am particularly excited to announce Arjun to our community of Beauty Heroes Brand Ambassadors. I had been searching for a man who connected to healthy living like the rest of our conscious beauty circle of trust. So, when Elena shared his blog, JustAskArjun.com with me, I was very excited to find a man who just ‘gets it’. Reading his blog over the last couple of months, I have enjoyed hearing his process of evaluating products for ingredients, performance and packaging, while staying mindful of keeping a realistic skincare routine. He resonates deeply with brands who have a commitment to delivering a unique offering with careful ingredient sourcing.read more

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The Indie Beauty Expo

If you are within range of New York City, the upcoming Indie Beauty Expo August 24-25 at the Metropolitan Pavilion should be on your radar. While most beauty events are reserved for industry professionals, media and those ‘in the know’, the Indie Beauty Expo opens its doors on Wednesday August 24th from 4PM-8PM when we can all be beauty insiders. You can get an all access pass to discover, shop, and meet the founders of over 120 domestic and international emerging beauty brands, most of which meet the Indie Beauty Expo’s clean and green beauty standard. read more


As a child of Eastern European immigrants, I’ve always identified as more of a ‘global citizen’. Because of this, I have a heartfelt passion for educating and sharing healthy beauty with women (and men) around the world through Beauty Heroes. It is especially reassuring to hear how clean, green and healthy beauty is being received and embraced in other cultures. Which is why I regularly seek out worldly perspective and consult from the globe’s leading natural beauty experts.I’ve been following Russian natural beauty blogger Elena, known online as Consumerista, for some time now. Although her blog is written in Russian, we are able to talk through social media and celebrate our discoveries in healthy beauty. So it was a natural fit to invite her to be a part of our Brand Ambassador community.I recently spoke with Elena face to face via Skype to learn more about read more

Slow Beauty and the Upside of Selling Out

Laurel Shaffer, the Pioneer of Slow Beauty, has some sage advice: good things come to those who wait. The skincare pioneer has perfected the art of patience in the development and evolution of her namesake brand, Laurel Whole Plant Organics. At the mercy of nature’s unpredictability,Laurel takes her time sourcing only the highest quality organic ingredients for her formulations. But that’s only the first part of the waiting game. Like a winemaker at crush, after the harvest, Laurel begins the slow and steady process of hand-crafting her formulations, ensuring every last ounce of raw material is purposely used. Even then, the ingredients only yield a finite volume, forcing Laurel to regularly hang her “Sold Out” sign on her bestsellers.These complexities and limitations are part and parcel of artisanal product development, and Laurel would have it no other way. At a time in our industry when the spotlight is shining brightly on indie beauty, with more resources for niche brands to scale quickly and become overnight “successes”, Laurel happily sticks to her indie roots, committed to the quality and craftsmanship her devoted customers have come to expect. Like a brilliant indie star who eclipses bright but fleeting trendsetters, Laurel defines her own metrics of success, and it has earned her some serious staying power. If she’s ever accused of selling out, the fault will be Mother Nature’s.Laurel weighs in on her Slow Beauty process and her commitment to clean.read more

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