A Hero’s Journey

2015 Vision Board

We’re on a mission to change the way you look at skincare. As we embark on a new year, I thought it was only appropriate to share my vision with you, and invite you to use less and love more, be beautiful, celebrate the heroes, elevate the standard and most of all, love your face. Hero On! read more

Abi Ishola New York Style Blogger

Abi Ishola, the New York style blogger, journalist and mother who shares her musings on her blog Scripts and Sightings. I recently met her in connection with her newest project, Beyond Classically Beautiful and I was immediately drawn in. As I get to know Abi and her work, it is clear that she has an eye for identifying and amplifying the most beautiful quality celebrating the inherent beauty beheld by each of her muses.read more

Facing Off Cancer

As I see the awareness of healthy skincare grow among women of all ages and backgrounds (and how far we have to go), I’m encouraged and enlivened by the women contributing to this conversation who have been personally affected by serious illnesses associated with environmental toxins. These capital-H Heroes have transformed their most challenging life experiences into beauty businesses that reflect their unequivocal dedication to ingredient awareness.read more

Fighting Cancer from the Inside Out

The Food As Medicine movement references the science of nutrition and the pleasure of nourishment in almost equal measure when it comes to healing – and prevention. As an advocate of this forward-thinking mindset, culinary nutritionist, Rebecca Katz, MS, author of The Cancer Fighting Kitchen and other works, shares some of her top recommendations for foods that work on your behalf to ward off and slow down cancer and help restore your body’s natural resilience – deliciously.read more

Charlynn Avery Aromatherapist

I recently met Charlynn at the Wanderlust Yoga Festival in Squaw Valley where she was hosting a ‘Speakeasy’ talk on using safe and effective essential oils. Immediately upon meeting her, I knew she had a gift by her warm, welcoming and calm confidence combined with her experience and extensive ingredient intelligence. As the National Educator for Aura Cacia, an essential oil company whose mission is to make aromatherapy easy, Charlynn empowers others to be in charge of their own holistic health and well-being.read more

Spa DIY – How to Make Natural Self Care a Priority

I find myself saying the following expression a lot lately, “There is a reason why on airplanes they tell you to put the mask on yourself before you assist someone else.” I am usually in a discussion with a woman in my life – a sister, niece, friend, colleague, etc. – someone who is worn out from giving too much away and not keeping enough in reserve for herself. read more

How Spas Make You Beautiful

To many people, going to the spa means enjoying a “day of beauty,” hours filled with a series of grooming services – waxing, facials and body-firming treatments. That is, of course, good and valid, but for me, that was never my intention for spending time in a spa. read more

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