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Project Blue Beauty: It’s Game Time!

So far we’ve shared with you our Blue Beauty Commitments and Best Practices companies can adopt to actively fade into blue. Now its your turn, and let’s be honest, until you – WE – decide to make new, blue buying decisions, things aren’t going to change all that much. Contributing to a bluer planet is a team sport, and you are the team captain. It’s game time. read more

Axiology Proves
Clean + Color Can Live In Stunning Harmony

As we celebrate the second anniversary of our launch with Axiology Beauty, I am reminded that this Blue beauty brand captured my heart from the very start for its next-level commitment to sustainability. In fact, as evidenced by my original post about the this conscious lipstick line, it was indeed love at first more

The Cat’s Meow

You may know Meow Meow Tweet by their whimsical name, or maybe you know of their Hero product — deodorant —a favorite of many clean deodorant converts. This quirky brand from upstate New York has absolutely mastered great deodorants, Meow Meow Tweet is about so much more

An Innovative Twist on the Traditional Haircare Ritual

In the world of beauty, there are innovators, and there are disruptors. Tabitha James Kraan is undeniably the latter, singlehandedly shifting the way we think about the health of our hair. Watch Jeannie’s transformation, and discover Tabitha’s innovative twist on the traditional ‘wash, rinse, repeat’ more

Tag, you’re it.

We know that one of the biggest frustrations that businesses and individuals have is not knowing what to do, or where to begin. So to support positive change in a meaningful way, we’re defining Project Blue Beauty and offering practical guidance to support you on your path to becoming more

Golde: Wellness’s Golden Child

From the moment I discovered Golde, it was a no-brainer, we had to feature it at Beauty Heroes. Golde checks all of the boxes for me—quality ingredients, intentional founder, noticeable benefits, delicious taste, mindful packaging. read more

The Essence of
Mo Mi

The more I have used the Mo Mi Collection, the stronger I felt it needed to be recognized. Hair care can be challenging to formulate, but Diane and Damon’s hard work has really paid more

Discovering DINO

DINO Apparel brings comfort, softness, and substance. Read as Suzanne and Jeannie share the inspiration behind us bringing DINO Apparel to our Beauty Store, and how it works together with us to use less, live softly and, definitely, love more

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