Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes: Phia

When Phia founder and formulator, Michelle Roark, was training for her long-awaited Olympic debut in 2006, her coach suggested she visualize her success on the slopes by using all five senses. “I could hear success. See it. Touch It. Taste It. But I couldn’t smell it,” says Roark. “I had no idea what it smelled like to ski well.“read more

BEHIND THE SCENES: Spa Technologies

Age Defense For Luminous Eyes – Spa Heroes’ November 2014 Expert Selection – is the creation of Dan Fryda, founder of Spa Technologies International, and a self-described “merman.” Dan is widely recognized within the spa industry as a pioneer in the research and development of skincare products based on the restorative and antioxidant properties of seaweed. We recently caught up with Dan, on land, to talk about his passion for the sea…read more

Behind the Scenes: Red Flower

Yael Alkalay, the creative force behind Red Flower, built her exquisite brand on the tradition of rituals she unearthed while traveling the world, “places where purification is experienced with an almost-religious perfection, where every element combines to cleanse the body and mind,” says Yael. We caught up with her over a cup of oolong tea in New York. read more

Behind the Scenes: Sumbody

Truth Serum – Spa Heroes’ September 2014 Expert Selection, is the brain-child of Deborah Burnes, founder and CEO of Sumbody and a walking ingredient encyclopedia. “Deborah is beyond smart. She is wise with ingredients and has impeccable integrity,” says Spa Heroes founder, Jeannie Jarnot. We recently caught up with Deborah in her home in Northern California… read more

Who are the Spa Superheroes?

There is a perception that the job of running a spa is just like going to the spa all day and getting a massage, body, wrap and facial while sitting and sipping herbal tea. Any spa professional would laugh hysterically if you were to suggest this were actually more

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