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Katharine L’Heureux Founder Of Kahina Giving Beauty

While many companies give back and we celebrate them, not all companies were founded with the intent to contribute and sustain whole communities of women like Kahina Giving Beauty. Katharine L’Heureux, the founder of Kahina has taken her process of developing an ingredient driven, effective and beautifully packaged skincare line and turned it into a heroic venture that contributes substantially to the lives of women in Morocco. Deeply invested in their wellbeing, she travels to personally oversee how Kahina Giving Beauty can optimally direct resources, and ‘give beauty’ back to these women. read more

Behind the Scenes with Josh Rosebrook

Beauty is universal. And while that sounds cliché, I’m referring to the fact that beauty is no longer reserved for a woman, nor for only a particular kind of woman. Universally, people are making better choices for their overall wellness. Josh … Continuedread more

Slow Beauty and the Upside of Selling Out

Laurel Shaffer, the Pioneer of Slow Beauty, has some sage advice: good things come to those who wait. The skincare pioneer has perfected the art of patience in the development and evolution of her namesake brand, Laurel Whole Plant Organics. At the mercy of nature’s unpredictability,Laurel takes her time sourcing only the highest quality organic ingredients for her formulations. But that’s only the first part of the waiting game. Like a winemaker at crush, after the harvest, Laurel begins the slow and steady process of hand-crafting her formulations, ensuring every last ounce of raw material is purposely used. Even then, the ingredients only yield a finite volume, forcing Laurel to regularly hang her “Sold Out” sign on her bestsellers.These complexities and limitations are part and parcel of artisanal product development, and Laurel would have it no other way. At a time in our industry when the spotlight is shining brightly on indie beauty, with more resources for niche brands to scale quickly and become overnight “successes”, Laurel happily sticks to her indie roots, committed to the quality and craftsmanship her devoted customers have come to expect. Like a brilliant indie star who eclipses bright but fleeting trendsetters, Laurel defines her own metrics of success, and it has earned her some serious staying power. If she’s ever accused of selling out, the fault will be Mother Nature’s.Laurel weighs in on her Slow Beauty process and her commitment to more

Modern Alchemist
Q+A with Diane Read of Modern Minerals

I never know when it’s going to happen – that moment when a beauty product takes my breath away. I can’t tell just by looking at it, though beautiful packaging doesn’t hurt. I can’t tell by its color, though it’s true that I’m drawn to sparkly, shiny things (who isn’t?). The magic is in the experience – the texture, the glide, the silky-soft feel on my skin, and oh! the scent! Modern Minerals has all of these in spades, which is why I literally had to catch my breath when I first experienced the flower essence-infused color line, formulated by Diane Read.I remember the moment clearly. Last year, Diane attended a cocktail party I was hosting in New York, and she brought the world’s best hostess gift – a little bag full of spherical eyeshadows and glimmering lip glosses. The next morning, I opened into each one like a child unwraps Easter candy, devouring the colors, textures and natural fragrances from the flower essences infused into each formula. I was smitten. And then, the moment happened. I applied the perfect lip gloss. I was done. Game over. I had to work with Modern Minerals, a true up and coming indie beauty more


My favorite part of my inspired curation process is working directly with the visionary people behind our healthy beauty brands, and this month is no exception. This May brings our second Hero Product selection with Mahalo Skin Care, an artisan-crafted by hand green beauty brand from the garden island of Kaua’i. Last June, we shared an in-depth Behind The Scenes look at Maryna and her husband Mark who set out to develop a skin care line that works on every level – energetic, physical and spiritual. Because my intention for Beauty Heroes is to connect you with what you are using on your skin and body, I wanted to take you further behind the scenes with Mahalo and this month’s Hero Product selection, The Rare Indigo™ Beauty more

Why We’re Craving
Indie Beauty

The obsession is real. We are hooked on indie beauty and simply can’t get enough. Nothing appeals to a seasoned eye quite like a fresh product that has not saturated the beauty space yet. But something unexpected is unfolding too. Indie companies are revolutionizing the way we shop—and they’re also revolutionizing the way we create beauty products. This seemingly minor segment is gaining momentum and is influencing trends in the broader cosmetics and skincare industry in an unprecedented more

Q + A with Annie Tevelin

Annie Tevelin is the first to tell you that when it comes to beauty, more is less. And she would know best. As a former professional makeup artist, beauty expert and the Founder of SkinOwl, Annie cut her teeth in traditional, mainstream beauty where the underlying message almost always pandered to women’s insatiable appetite for more – more makeup, more product, more money spent in the quest for perfection. Of course this viscous cycle only left them wanting more, but not actually achieving more. Annie herself fell prey to this kind of mass marketing. After years struggling with skin issues, spending untold amounts of money on products and seeing little results, Annie took matters into her own hands. read more

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