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Cacao In Skincare

I’ll admit it. I’m a chocoholic. And I don’t feel the least bit of shame about it. Thanks to the raw cacao bean, this is a guiltless pleasure that makes me happy from the inside out, and surprisingly, from the outside … Continuedread more

Sun(screen) Worship

Just face it. Literally. It’s summer, so sunscreen should be taking a front-seat in your skincare regime.  And while we’ve all been told that wearing sunscreen daily is essential to preventing premature aging, sun damage and skin cancer; the summer … Continuedread more

The Alchemy of Flowers

Can lipgloss make us more compassionate? For Katie Hess, flower alchemist and founder of Lotus Wei, the answer lies not only in the ingredients, but in the intention. When she collaborated with Modern Minerals to create a line of Emotive Makeup, she intuitively selected her own flower and gemstone essences that are known to dissolve negativity and promote clarity and loving kindness. Fully bloomed flowers are hand-picked at the the exactly right moment in their moon cycle and after several dilutions, only the energetic imprint remains. This is the essence of flowers, and for Katie, it is the sacredness of her art more

The Chamazulene Effect

Ever wished for the proverbial ‘blue pill’ to alleviate major skin concerns like redness, irritation, rashes or burns? We discovered something better, safer and more magical than any pharmaceutical. It’s found in nature, of course, and through a fascinating process that involves enzymes, inhibitors and catalysts, this botanical compound, called chamazulene, offers healing gifts to the skin. It’s been studied for the potent anti-inflammatory effects has when applied on the skin. A natural anti-histamine, the phrase ‘chamazulene effect’ was coined due to its calming properties. read more

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