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Aromatherapy on the road

Road warriors would be wise to count on aromatherapy to ease themselves through time zones and the stress of travel, whether for business, pleasure or to visit family. This ancient art relies on pure essential oils extracted from flowers, stems, roots, fruits, leaves or bark. While each has its own aromatic traits and unique health effects, most are anti-bacterial by nature. Traveling with a vial of your favorite oil is useful not only to lace a bath with a familiar scent but also to treat breakouts or more

Healthcare comes full circle

Spas are the original healthcare centers. And it’s encouraging to see more and more holistic therapies becoming accepted as mainstream care both as standalone treatments and as part of complimentary care programs. I like to think that the acceptance of spas as places of healing have contributed to this shift and one recent discovery makes me think this even more. Let me more

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