Holiday Beauty Store

Whether you want to add a bit more luxury to your life, or you’re looking for the perfect gift for him, our Holiday Beauty Store features 10 handpicked collections of beauty, wellness and lifestyle products that enhance, improve and inspire ‘a few of your favorite things’.


 Love Your VITAMINS More 

Outward radiance begins within. Shop our collection of nutrient-rich ingestibles that give good glow.


 Love More COLOR 

Give or gift a quick and clean makeover with all-natural color from our favorite brands.


 Love More ME Time 

Take a moment for yourself, or gift a loved one a little “Me Time.” Each product featured in this collection invites a self-love ritual.


 Love HIM More 

You’ll love the way his skin feels and smells; he’ll love having his own stash of essentials.


 Love More TRAVEL 

Our skin and sanity shouldn’t suffer when we’re away from home. Keep it together with travel-friendly sets and darling travel cases.


 Love More LUXURY 

A little luxury goes a long way during the busiest time of the year. You’ll feel so fabulous gifting these to a loved one, you’ll likely keep a little something for yourself.


 Love More SLEEP 

It’s the one thing we all want more of: a good night’s sleep. These sleep support essentials are designed to turn your autonomic nervous system to OFF.



Need gift ideas for your most eco-chic friend? These luxury brands are on a mission to promote greater sustainability through packaging, sourcing and philanthropy.



Returning to your own inner sanctuary is just a breath away; these products simply support the journey.


 Love More SOFTNESS 

All we need is love…and a little softness to warm our heart and calm our spirit. This collection delivers all the feels.