Inspired Beauty Curation

by Jeannie Jarnot

I am in love with the journey of discovery. The serendipity, the surprise, the moment I lose my breath with delight.  I founded Beauty Heroes to bring others on this journey in celebration of craftsmanship, innovation, and luxury we call Inspired Beauty Curation.

Every month, Beauty Heroes releases a new healthy beauty product I hand-selected, tested and fell in love with so much, I had to share it with you. The anticipation you feel when you unwrap each month’s Hero is the same feeling I experienced when I first discovered it. The happy serenity you feel when the product first touches your skin is a sensation I know well. And the healthy, happy face you see in the mirror after using the product? I can relate. You see, we share in this discovery together, and that is my greatest joy.

Selecting the Hero product is part intuition, part science. As a spa director at one of the country’s most celebrated resorts, I was exposed to thousands of beauty products. My desk overflowed with the latest products, and I heard every sales pitch from every brand. But honing in on the Hero was my gift. Whether they were undiscovered gems or cult-classics, I could sense the star performer in a product lineup – that rare combination of quality, efficacy, and luxury.

It took me many years to refine my instinct and create my personal process. Today, my Inspired Beauty Curation process is the foundation of Beauty Heroes and it is what guides our tightly edited product offering.

Beauty Inspired Curation

Behind the Brand

Behind any iconic brand, there is a visionary leader. When I stumble across an exceptional green beauty brand, I beeline straight to the creative source: the founder.

I am most curious about the founder’s process. What compels her to create? What motivates him to master his craft? What lessons have been learned along the way? Each month, we feature not only the Hero product but the Hero or Heroine behind the brand. Uncovering the founders’ intentions is the critical first step of my Inspired Beauty Curation process.

Beauty Inspired CurationIngredient Integrity

While the founders’ stories vary drastically, there is always one common theme: a commitment to clean. Ethically-sourced quality ingredients are the single most important element in natural product development.

I know the questions to ask, the sources to seek, the certifications that matter. And I know the shortcuts that only the best brands avoid. Our vetting process ensures only products of the highest integrity make the cut.


Making the Cut

The truth is, most won’t. Of the hundreds of products I test each year, only twelve seasonally-appropriate products will be selected. This is what makes Beauty Heroes so revolutionary: we favor products that demonstrate craftsmanship, innovation, and possess an element of luxury, keeping a tightly edited product offering of only the best in natural beauty.

Craft – Beauty Heroes celebrates intentional craftsmanship. It begins with responsible ingredient sourcing and often requires that the products be made by hand, in small batches and offered in limited quantities to ensure the highest quality. True craftsmanship is something that must be felt to be understood. When a natural product is made with intention, I can feel it all the way back to the source.Beauty Inspired Curation

Formula Innovation – While we are always excited to discover unique ingredient combinations and breakthrough delivery systems, we’re equally impressed by simple efficacy. To us, innovation does not mean complexity. It can be felt in an exquisite texture or seen in the remarkable results on the skin.

Unparalleled Luxury – Our Hero Product selections prove that nature is the ultimate luxury. We identify products that deliver an extraordinary experience, inviting ritual into everyday beauty routines.

Inspired Beauty Curation is heart and soul of Beauty Heroes. It is a disruptive concept that redefines our notion of beauty, necessity, and capitalism. It inspires us to make purchasing decisions from a place of love rather than lack. It encourages us to use less, love more and live lighter every day.

Hero On!

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