January 2019 Beauty Discovery

January 2019

Beauty Discovery

by Jane Scrivner

Jane Scrivner has become widely known for her practical and effective approach to skincare. Easily adaptable from treatment room to at-home-beauty ritual, her line is well-loved by estheticians and beauty DIYers, alike. Jane Scrivner’s 5-A-Day Facial Routine is the foundation of the brand, and a universal way for all skin types to experience flawless, soft and glowing results every day.
This month’s Discovery features two of the five products in her 5-A-Day Facial Routine—Hero Cleansing Balm (plus two Fluffy Cleansing Mitts) and Sidekick OO Cream.

January’s Beauty Discovery is valued at $98.

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Cleansing Balm + Two Fluffy Cleansing Mitts


Step one in her famous 5-A-Day Facial Routine, Jane Scrivner’s Cleansing Balm is a ritual in its own right, setting a very high bar for all the good stuff that comes next. Hands-down the meltiest cleansing balm in town, just a tiny scoop of this golden, buttery balm effortlessly lifts and removes makeup while replenishing skin’s natural moisture levels with its delicate floral aroma. Made with blends of jojoba seed oil, beeswax and a blend of nine essential oils, this balm’s base works to mimic the natural lipids in skin to improve elasticity and restore balance.



OO Cream

If the Cleansing Balm is the Alpha, the OO Cream is the Omega. This cream is oh-oh-so good, you’ll be tempted to skip straight to the last step of your ritual. You will marvel at its beautiful, natural orange color from rosehip and its irresistible scent of precious vanilla. Vanillin’s B vitamins soothe the senses and calm stressed skin. Intended to be applied over face oil or serum to lock in nutrients and moisture, and reduce trans-epidermal water loss, OO Cream creates a matte finish from the thin film of beta-glucans in the colloidal oatmeal. This powerful blend is well-loved for its calming effect on the appearance of skin conditions, from eczema to rosacea.

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Set Your New Year’s ‘Skintentions’

Jane Scrivner’s 5-A-Day Facial Routine is a universal way for all skin types to experience flawless, soft and glowing results every day. Watch as Jane shows us all how to achieve our highest ‘skintentions’ this year.