January 2020 Beauty Discovery

January 2020

Beauty Discovery



We kick off 2020 with an unlikely Hero. One that promises a new beginning. No matter how soiled, sullied, and blemished things have become, she is the solution we’ve been seeking. Squeaky clean and without any hidden agenda (no, seriously…with only two Superpower ingredients, there’s no dirt you can dig up on this one!), this surprise candidate entered our race at the last minute and quickly proved she was worthy of the win. And, her running mates have a track record of success that is undebatable.

Introducing the new face of Clean Beauty Royalty, January’s Hero product, Luminous Ceremony Cream Cleanser, by RANAVAT. She claims victory alongside her equally commanding counterparts: the award-winning Radiant Rani Brightening Facial Serum and the single-ingredient wonder, Jasmine Tonique Hydrating Mist.

January’s Beauty Discovery is valued at $172.

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Luminous Ceremony Cream Cleanser

100 ml | $42

She initially turned our heads with her sustainable, dusty rose-hued packaging and generous size. We wanted more of her sesame-based cream-to-balm texture that seems to build and melt at once, clarifying the skin while imparting moisture and nourishment for a balanced complexion. But it was Manjistha, the Ayurvedic superfood at the heart of this formula, that sealed the deal for us. An unheard of Superpower ingredient, this ancient root has been used for centuries to deeply detoxify while stimulating circulation, revealing skin that beams with vitality, clarity and a healthy glow.







Radiant Rani Brightening Facial Serum

20 ml | $90

Radiant Rani is an award-winning treatment that packs 18 organic ingredients into an oil-based serum. A synergy of 5% organic saffron, turmeric, licorice root and manjistha brightens skin, fades dark spots and encourages cellular renewal. Spicy notes of steam distilled rose calm the nerves while active constituents act as an astringent to resurface and soften skin’s texture.






Jasmine Tonique Hydrating Mist

1.7 fl oz | $40

Clean formula innovation is usually what gets our attention, but this month, one ingredient was all it took to make the cut. RANAVAT’s Jasmine Tonique Hydrating Mist is an intoxicating hydrator packed with antioxidants to help guard against environmental stressors and free radicals. Use as a toner, a refresher, a nightstand companion for evening ritual, and a perfect running mate for this month’s Hero.



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The New Royals

We start 2020 with an unlikely Hero product from a brand we’ve long loved. Michelle Ranavat’s namesake brand delivers on formula integrity and aesthetic quality in equal measure, defining a new standard of luxury for Ayurvedic-centered brands. Meet the Founder and discover why this month’s Hero product won our vote.   

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