July 2019 Beauty Discovery

July 2019

Beauty Discovery

by Graydon Skincare


A full moon is a powerful force. It is said to activate the mind, awaken the intuition and amplify emotions. In short, it affects us on many levels to reveal our truest nature.

This month’s Beauty Discovery by Graydon Skincare works in similarly mysterious ways. Our Hero product, Fullmoon Serum, is a watery-light treatment supercharged with natural brightening and firming actives, including vitamin C, plant collagen and oligopeptides. Its star ingredient, moth bean extract, delivers a concentrated dose of phyto-retinol that supports a plumper, smoother appearance.

Its Sidekick product, Green Cream, comes to the rescue of red, sensitive and oily skin by delivering potent, tonifying anti-inflammatories and collagen-boosting botanicals. Ideal for all skin types, this Discovery satisfies all of your summertime skin woes.

This month’s Discovery includes a sample sachet of Face Glow, Graydon Skincare’s award-winning multi-tasking tinted moisturizer, primer, illuminator in one, a summertime Hero that we couldn’t let you live without.


July’s Beauty Discovery is valued at $130.

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Fullmoon Serum
30 ml |  $87

Graydon Skincare’s Fullmoon Serum acts to both shield and reveal. The translucent blue liquid treatment combines malachite and blue tansy to protect against pollution and antioxidant stress while vitamin C, plant collagen and oligopeptides unveil a brighter, tighter, more even-toned appearance. Hyaluronic acid and a concentrated dose of phyto-retinol from moth bean extract give this supercharged serum it’s plumping power. Studies have shown moth bean to be effective at stimulating natural collagen production boosting cell renewal. Experience this treatment for a few days, and you’ll begin to feel its gravitational pull.



Green Cream

50 ml | $43

Deserving of its Sidekick status, Green Cream bathes skin in cooling, calming, balancing hydration after it has been activated by Fullmoon Serum. This lightweight gel packs as much antioxidant and anti-aging power as a superfood salad, including a highly concentrated chlorella tea, tonifying sage, rosemary, thyme and parsley, and soothing squalane and neem to support normal sebum levels. Boasting not one, but two phyto-retinols, moth bean extract and bakuchiol, Green Cream douses skin in collagen and elastin-boosting botanicals that rival vitamin A.

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