July 2020 Beauty Discovery

July 2020

Beauty Discovery

by Leahlani

Anyone who has hiked the hills, soaked in the sea and inhaled the fresh air of Hawaii knows the Aloha Glow is more than mere marketing. It’s an inside-out energy of abundance and wholeness that comes from total immersion in nature. Leahlani aims to infuse this joy and inspiration into a daily practice with her alchemical range of botanical skincare.

July’s Hero product, Meli Glow Illuminating Nectar Mask, is a gooey, sweet humectant featuring organic Hawaiian raw honey, hyaluronic acid and a medley of vitamin-rich fruits, Meli Glow draws moisture to the skin, locks it in and delivers the dewy, glowing look that Hawaiian locals are famous for.

It’s Sidekick, Mahina Evening Replenishing Elixir, is the closest thing to beauty sleep in a bottle. This rich golden oil is brimming with skin-fortifying nourishment from organic, cold-pressed moringa, marula, prickly pear and chia seed oils.

July’s Discovery is valued at $124.

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Meli Glow Illuminating Nectar Mask

50 ml | $52

This month, we dive headfirst into summer with a bright, fruity Hero product, Meli Glow Illuminating Nectar Mask. Organic Hawaiian raw honey is the superpower ingredient that gently cleanses the skin, dissolves bacteria and brightens complexion with natural AHA’s. Honey also releases a peroxide-like property when mixed with water, activating its exfoliating and clarifying power.

Rose clay further supports gentle exfoliating and increases circulation, while rosehip fruit delivers 32 essential minerals and vitamins to boost elasticity and vitality. Vegan hyaluronic acid laves a thin veil of dewy hydration on the skin, and a medley of local fruits including guava, strawberry and banana, deliver vitamins, acids, and enzymes to resurface and reveal radiance.







Mahina Evening Replenishing Elixir

30 ml | $72

Power up your skin while you power down at night with the regenerative properties found in Mahina Evening Replenishing Elixir, a nutrient-dense oil blend that delivers high levels of omegas, antioxidants, and vitamins C and E to clarify, soften and stimulate skin, promoting collagen production and inspiring new cell growth.




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Introducing Leahlani

Being from Hawaii myself, it’s no surprise that over the years, we’ve featured Hawaii-based and inspired artisan beauty. Hawaii is a special place on this planet, a healing place. If you’ve been there, you know. If you’ve lived there, it’s always in you. This month, discover Leahlani.

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