June 2017 Beauty Discovery

June 2017 Beauty Discovery

Aloha Youth Serum

By Honua Hawaiian Skincare

Has the search for the Fountain of Youth finally led us here, to a botanical serum infused with the earth, beauty and soul of Hawaii? Sure, Aloha Youth Serum is loaded with the planet’s most potent healing botanicals, phytonutrients and minerals, but the secret ingredient is the Aloha spirit itself. Kapua Browning, the radiant earth-mama esthetician behind Honua Skincare, blends Hawaiian tradition and modern skincare into each bottle, using a proprietary process of sun-baking, CO2 infusions and vitalized water and oil emulsions to create the milky, glow-giving serum.

A base of organic coconut (Niu) water, rose (Loke) hydrosol and aloe is fortified with strengthening and cell renewing hibiscus (Aloalo), anti-aging and brighting noni and turmeric (‘Ōlena), inflammation reducing kava kava (‘Awa) and skin-regenerating comfrey. Skin-loving oils of kukui, tamanu (Kamani) and chia are whipped together with a hint of heart-opening ylang ylang to inspire Aloha vibes.

June’s Beauty Discovery is valued at $106.

Join Beauty Heroes before June 20th to receive this month’s Hero product, Aloha Youth Serum, plus Sidekick, ‘Ōlena Turmeric Beauty Oil.

• Cool, calm relief from inflammation
• Firming and plumping natural “Botox” effect 
• Healthy, sustained hydration for an all day glow


Aloe Verahydrating, soothing
Chia Seednourishing, strengthening
Comfreycalming, regenerating
Kukuinourishing, softening
Hibiscusbrightening, firming
‘Awacalming, toning
Nonibrightening, clearing
Rosehydrating, protecting
Tamanuclearing, renewing
Turmericbrightening, protecting


‘Ōlena Turmeric Beauty Oil

‘Ōlena, Hawaiian turmeric, is an anti-inflammatory powerhouse known to treat skin conditions like sun damage, eczema and acne. Blended with the ancient Hawaiian plant oils of kukui and kamani, these healing oils help nourish and feed the skin and promote elasticity. With the addition of antioxidant rich cacao, this multi-tasking super oil will leave you with brighter, more supple skin.


Who better to usher in the Aloha spirit of summer than Kapua Browning, Founder of Honua Skincare. This glowing earth mama and a warrior for peace exemplifies Aloha in everything she does.

Be inspired by her mission to revive, support and sustain her native Hawaii through her brand.