June 2019 Beauty Discovery

June 2019

Beauty Discovery

by Agent Nateur

From the brand that brought you the first cult-favorite luxury deodorant, Holi (Stick) N3, Agent Nateur delivers another masterfully crafted Hero product, Holi (Skin) Ageless Body Serum. Upholding the brand’s holistic philosophy and unparalleled formulation standards, this luxurious body serum delivers potent actives and an addictive aroma in a non-GMO, ECOCERT oil blend.  This month’s Sidekick, Holi (Oil) Refining Ageless Face Serum, harnesses helichrysum, the immortal flower, a stable form of glow-giving vitamin C, and elastin-promoting calcium, leading us to wonder if this one truly is holi grail of face serums. Discover Agent Nateur. 

June’s Beauty Discovery is valued at $153.

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Holi (Skin) Ageless Body Serum
250 ml |  $95

Imagine your favorite face serum – light yet deeply penetrating, silky and non-greasy. Add the dimple-smoothing magic of caffeine and the oil-balancing prowess of rice bran. Now, pour it all over your body. This is the luxurious experience of Holi (Skin) Ageless Body Serum, an organic and wildcrafted oil serum that sinks deep to restore moisture and improve the appearance of tighter, firmer, more contoured skin.  Oils of rice bran, rosehip, rose, argan, apricot and sunflower are blended with stimulating caffeine and theobromine to support a smoother appearance. Grounding sandalwood and herbaceous helichrysum balance floral notes, giving this heavenly-scented oil an earthy quality.


Holi (Oil) Refining Ageless Face Serum

10 ml | $58

Clinically studied and shown to help sagging skin by reinforcing the body’s ability to produce its own hyaluronic acid, the oil’s proprietary blend of vitamins and nutrients improves the appearance of skin elasticity and minimizes the appearance of redness, unevenness, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and dark spots, replenishes the appearance of collagen and defends against the effects of free radicals. With its balancing and absorbent base of rice bran and rosehip oils, this serum is ideal for every skin type.

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Jena Covello: All Fired Up

Jena Covello is a force to be reckoned with. The fiery yet feminine founder has evolved Agent Nateur from a single sku cult-favorite into a complete wellness and skincare company that has maintained the quality standards and formula superiority as it has scaled. Jena could simply cash in and peace out, but instead she is compelled to share what she’s learned in an effort to help others. But be warned: Jena doesn’t pull any punches. She’s informed, opinionated and unafraid to stir up a little controversy if it means getting to the truth. In our interview, Jena shows up in full force and calls it like she sees it, and we can’t get enough of it.

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