June 2020 Beauty Discovery

June 2020

Beauty Discovery


Exclusively available to Beauty Heroes, LILFOX introduces The Couture Collection, two targeted treatments that work as layering pieces in your skin wardrobe. The debut products in the collection incorporate clinical strength actives  – that have delivered better results than prescription strength skincare – blended with potent organic botanicals and exotic aromatics for a next level immersive LILFOX experience.


 June’s Hero product, Haute C, is an instant glow-giving C serum powered by a generous 15% of tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate, a derivative of vitamin C shown in clinical trials to penetrate the epidermis and dermis, reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation and increase collagen production.

Its Sidekick, Dewy Bean Dream, is an alt-retinol resurfacing mask that transforms tone and texture and slows down skin retrograde. These products are formulated to be layered into your LILFOX ritual, both AM and PM.

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Haute C

30 ml | $125

This month’s Hero product, Haute C, features an exquisite blend of Kakadu plum, camu camu and an extravagant 15% of clinical-grade tetra-C to deliver potent, prescription-strength brightening benefits. Vitamin E and ferulic acid work synergistically to support your SPF protection and while further discouraging blemishes and minimizing the appearance of sun damage. Bamboo extract, niacinamide and two forms of sodium hyaluronate supporting plumping fine lines from the inside out.

With notes of rosemary, lime, bergamot and vanilla bean the aromatics make a bold statement and offer a subtle impression of lemon pie.






LILFOX Dewy Bean Dream



Dewy Bean Dream

50 ml | $110

This gorgeous jelly mask, Dewy Bean Dream, works overnight to polish and plump with the support of dew bean, a protein and vitamin A-rich legume that replaces conventional retinol without sacrificing results. A trilogy of niacinamide, lactic and glycolic acids shed light on skin’s pesky dark spots, brightening skin tone and inspiring cellular renewal, while organic aloe, bamboo, gotu kola and sodium hyaluronate boost moisture. A stunning blend of violet leaf and neroli makes wearing this mask a nightly luxury. 




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LILFOX Introduces The Couture Collection

This summer, LILFOX, the brand synonymous with green beauty luxury and decadent aromatic rituals introduces their newest skincare series, appropriately titled The Couture Collection which debuts with two layering pieces that offer clinical level results. This month, discover LILFOX.

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