March 2019 Beauty Discovery

March 2019

Beauty Discovery

by Blüh Alchemy

With a small, treatment-focused range featuring a wide spectrum of rare botanicals, Blüh Alchemy delivers a blühprint for achieving optimal skin health, naturally. Delivering an innovative hybrid of vitamin C and boasting 50x more antioxidant potency than a Florida orange, our Hero, Multi C Serum, gives a new meaning to the term ‘C Suite’. Its Sidekick, Toning Elixir, is so much more than a mere skin refresher! It’s a potent alchemy of rare botanicals that work synergistically to do all the things, including calm, tone and hydrate for serious skin dew.

March’s Beauty Discovery is valued at $207.

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Multi C Serum


This liquid C synergy marries multiple sources of the vitamin in a groundbreaking formula. Cellular extracts from Kakadu plum, kangaroo paw and astaxanthin are exponentially more powerful together than any one alone. Skin-firming peptides from green coffee and ferulic acid, paired with quandong work together to reduce the signs of fine lines to deliver a radiant glow.



Toning Elixir

So much more than a mere refresher, Toning Elixir was formulated with finger lime caviar to deliver treatment-level firming and toning benefits while also optimizing the absorption and positive effects of the treatments that follow. Snowflower quells the feeling of inflammation, mountain pepper leaf strengthens the appearance of capillaries, ginseng and yerba mate support circulation, and aloe, hibiscus and hyaluronic acid to lock in hydration for a dewy, daylong glow. It’s just one of those products we can’t get enough of.

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The Blühprint for Optimal Skin Health

True to the name, Blüh Alchemy is an edited range of synergistic blends featuring rare and potent extracts, including a unique vitamin C hybrid that’s never been achieved in skincare until now. Read on to uncover the blühprint of Blüh Alchemy.