March 2020 Beauty Discovery

March 2020

Beauty Discovery

by Free + True Skincare


We’re all for self-love, but there’s only so much lathering and slathering necessary to maintain healthy skin. If you’re looking for ways to simplify your beauty routine while amplifying your life, enter Free + True, a refreshingly pared down range of universal skincare designed for nature-loving, adventure-seeking, freedom-fighting skin enthusiasts who want the convenience of throw-and-go beauty products, with the performance of serious skincare.

March’s Hero product, Body Prophet All Over Creamy Serum, is an award-winning skin-soothing, dimple-smoothing, free radical-fighting gel-to-cream treatment.

Its Sidekick, Mama Pacha Moisture Infusion Cream, is an all-weather moisturizer formulated with hardy botanicals, peptides and rich plant butters and oils to support skin resilience and deliver intense moisture hours after application.

March’s Beauty Discovery is valued at $106.

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Body Prophet

6.8 fl oz | $48

Body Prophet delivers the benefit of a time-consuming toning body treatment, without the hassle. This creamy gel serum is loaded with skin-soothing, dimple-smoothing, free radical-fighting botanicals, including sea buckthorn berry and rose flower extract to provide the appearance of toned and firmed skin. Packed with vitamins and active ingredients, this body treatment serum supports skin from neck to toe, so it’s as healthy as the rest of you. 

This year-round, all-purpose body hydrator glides on like a serum and dries like a gel, leaving skin looking and feeling moisturized and taut. But don’t just take our word for it. Indie Beauty Expo just named this body product one of 2019’s Best in Show.







Mama Pacha

1.7 fl oz | $58

Tough on dryness, gentle on the skin, Mama Pacha is an all-weather moisturizer formulated with the same hardy arctic peptides that are known to thrive in marine environments, meaning they support skin resilience in harsh conditions, as well. This superpower ingredient is combined with other nutrient-rich butters, adaptogenic herbs, plant lipids and hyaluronic acid to help calm sensitivity while providing the appearance of improved barrier function and increased collagen simultaneously. That’s what we call one tough mother. 




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Introducing Free + True, Serious Skincare for the Green Gal on the go

Free + True is a new brand doing something different and right, and we dig it. This elegant and efficient brand intuitively positions itself to sit between the single, multi-tasking product and the elaborate skincare ritual, filling a void for the skincare enthusiast who wants convenience and results in equal measure. Learn more about this emerging brand and this month’s Hero products, only on our blog.

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