May 2019 Beauty Discovery

May 2019

Beauty Discovery


Fresh from their Scientific Garden springs AYUNA’s latest innovation: VELO, a living, breathing veil of protection that guards the skin from daily environmental aggressors, including pollution, oxidation, dehydration, light, dryness and the proliferation of bad bacteria. Alive with a high dose of minerals, antioxidants, protective botanicals and probiotics, this barely there emulsion shields the suprastratum, a thin yet vital layer that plays a critical role in the appearance and health of the skin.

With its Sidekick, THE FACIAL (Low), a revolutionary daily treatment that provides exfoliation and balance for complete skin renovation, this Discovery delivers two Hero-worthy products that secure AYUNA’s rightful place as Queen of evolutionary skincare.

May’s Beauty Discovery is valued at $252.

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6-in-1 Suprastratum Protection
50 ml | 1.6 fl oz. | $156

A 6-in-1 daily protective treatment, VELO, which means veil in Spanish, wears like a second skin while supporting increased hydration, enhanced protection, and an improved appearance of skin tone.

Its light texture is due in part to the miraculous marshmallow extract that forms a film to prevent pollution from adhering to the skin. Strengthening lipids further protect the skin from temperature fluctuations, while probiotics balance the microbiome and offer a defense against skin sensitivity.



200 ml | $96

Imagine receiving the benefits of a professional treatment in the span of 60 seconds. THE FACIAL will deliver this, and more. More substantial than a toner, more fluid than a serum, this revolutionary daily treatment provides exfoliation and balance in an oil-free, lotion-to-powder formula. Water based with a colloidal suspension of time-released acid complex, the liquid powder immediately mattifies skin, soothing the appearance of inflammation while balancing the microbiome.

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An inspired twist on DIY, our Discover It Yourself monthly ritual is an invitation to play! May’s Hero product, VELO, and Sidekick, THE FACIAL (Low), are mixed and matched with other AYUNA must-haves, all available in the Beauty Store. The range is formulated to work synergistically and sequentially.

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