May 2020 Beauty Discovery

May 2020

Beauty Discovery

by Bathing Culture


The times call for a return to the essentials. “Wash your hands” is no longer just good hygiene. It has become our battle cry. We’re suddenly coveting our most fundamental possessions, and we’re all keenly aware of the things we can’t live without. Soap is one of those things. It is one of the most basic human inventions, born of necessity. A requirement, yes. But radical?

This month, we introduce you to Bathing Culture, a brand that will convince you that soap is sacred. May’s Hero product, Mind and Body Wash, is a woodsy, skin-softening soap that adds beauty to the baptism. You’ll emerge freshly cleansed and feeling born again.

Its Sidekicks, Outer Being Face & Body Oil, and Golden Hour Hydrosol, are supportive, transportive products that act as an extension of the daily ritual. Use together and experience the radical in the routine.

May’s Beauty Discovery is valued at $127.

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Our May Discovery has been impacted by the COVID-19 crisis, and we’re waiting on one little component, the pump for the wash, to complete our discoveries before we ship them out to you. While we don’t have a date, we promise to keep you informed on when they will ship.

If you’d like your May Discovery to ship immediately, WITHOUT A PUMP, please send us a quick email and let our customer care team know and we’ll ship your box immediately, pump-free.




Bathing Culture Mind and Body Wash


Mind and Body Wash

16 fl oz | $35

This month’s Hero product, Mind and Body Wash, invites us all to see the sacred in the essential and the radical in the routine. Formulated with organic and Rainforest Alliance-certified saponified coconut, olive and sunflower oils, plant glycerin from soy bean and creamy shea butter, the blend nourishes as it purifies. A woodsy blend of balsam, vetiver, ylang ylang, ho wood and frankincense transport the senses to the Redwood canopies of Northern California.






Bathing Culture Outer Being Face & Body Oil



Outer Being Face & Body Oil

8 fl oz | $72

Outer Being Face & Body Oil was crafted to extend the bathing ritual, and to offer added protection against harsh conditions. Whether you’re braving the elements in nature or in New York City, this reparative face and body oil lathers skin in vitamins, essential fatty acids and antioxidants, and locks in moisture with a blend of sea buckthorn, marula, jojoba and coconut MCT oils.




Bathing Culture Golden Hour Hydrosol



Golden Hour Hydrosol

1.7 fl oz | $20

Moroccan neroli and rose mingle in one beautifully balanced toning mist, Golden Hour Hydrosol, inspired by the Founder’s childhood hobby of making neroli effleurage with his mom. This refreshing, moisture-sealing mist can be sprayed on sun-soaked skin, your lover, and all around your aura.


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Bathing Culture,

So Much More Than Soap

You may think we planned it this way, but the truth is we didn’t see this coming. Who knew that sending out a rainbow waved bottle of soap as our Hero product could be as relevant as it is in this very moment? This month, Discovery Bathing Culture.  

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