November 2018 Beauty Discovery

November 2018

Beauty Discovery

by Inlight Beauty

Dr. Mariano Spiezia, the founder and resident MD of Inlight, has spent more than 30 years of his career experimenting with a myriad of plant combinations. His most prized discovery, and the heart of each of his formulas, is his Bio-lipophilic Matrix®, a nourishing web of plant-based phytonutrient oils that mimic the sebum’s texture while protecting and replenishing the skin. With Hero product Line Softener Intensive and Sidekick Super-Food Mask, this month’s Discovery delivers formulas guided by alchemy and inspired by nature.

November’s Beauty Discovery is valued at $187.

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Line Softener Intensive


This month’s Hero product, Line Softener Intensive, feels like a baptism of fragrant plants, not a lab-created cosmeceutical. Its oil-based blend of jojoba, argan, macadamia, olive, sunflower, apricot kernel, coconut, rosehip and evening primrose leave skin looking plump, and of course, softened. Carrot root, rose, horsetail, bilberry, plantain and spirulina melt instantly into the skin, providing deep nourishment without a greasy feel.



Super-Food Mask

This refreshing and nourishing botanical Super-Food Mask delivers a concentration of antioxidants and vitamins from rose seed oil, baobab, carrot root and frankincense. Spirulina, rich in chlorophyll, paired with barley leaf and rose hip oil all work synergistically to promote healthy cell turnover and collagen production while protecting the skin against environmental stressors. Jojoba, sesame, evening primrose, shea and sunflower oils restore the skin’s moisture. This organic blend gently exfoliates while improving firmness and hydration over time.

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Beauty Lit From Within

Dr. Mariano Spiezia shares the inspiration and knowledge behind developing Inlight Beauty’s illuminating and energetic skincare formulations that use physics and plant alchemy to reveal your inner light.