October 2019 Beauty Discovery

October 2019

Beauty Discovery

by Josh Rosebrook


Even the best kept complexion needs a boost from time to time. Achieve the ultimate J-Glow with the fall’s perfect trifecta. Hydration Boost Concentrate is Josh Rosebrook’s much anticipated new release that we’ve dubbed a non-essential must-have. While it’s not required for daily maintenance, it delivers such immediate and visible results, it will likely become the little luxury you can’t live without.  When paired with two staples, Hydrating Accelerator (arguably the most versatile product ever made) and Vital Balm Cream (the balm-to-cream multi-benefit moisturizer), and you have everything you need for a plump, soft and radiant appearance.

October’s Beauty Rediscovery is valued at $122.

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Hydration Boost Concentrate

15 ml | $42

When skin calls for an extra hit of hydration, treat it to Josh Rosebrook’s long awaited innovation, Hydration Boost Concentrate. Designed to deliver the ultimate hydration amplification, this oil and essential oil-free serum optimizes Hydrating Accelerator by delivering concentrated botanical hyaluronic acid, moisture-attracting humectants, and potent phytonutrient actives for a feeling of plump hydration. 





We’ve packed the perfect skin trifecta into this month’s Discovery. Hydrating Accelerator and Vital Balm Cream are daily essentials that help maintain plump hydration between more active treatments. Working synergistically with Hydration Boost Concentrate, this power couple optimizes the absorption of essential nutrients, minimizes the experience of TEWL (transepidermal water loss) and increases the feeling of skin hydration all day long. 




Hydrating Accelerator

4 oz | $35

A top-seller since day one, Hydrating Accelerator is a toner, light moisturizer and herbal vitamin-infused water that plumps with structured aloe water, reinforces skin’s protective acid mantle barrier and  balances skin’s pH. Skin more readily absorbs oils, serums and creams that follow. 







Vital Balm Cream

0.75 oz | $45

Vital Balm Cream imparts the deep moisture feel of a balm, with the non-greasy and luxury feel of a cream. This multi-benefit moisturizer is formulated with aloe vera, whole organic actives, botanical hyaluronic acid and rich plant oils to boost the feel of skin repair. The result is a plumped, soft, and radiant appearance.






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The Road To Innovation: The Making of Hydration Boost Concentrate

If the measure of a values-based entrepreneur is what he’s willing to sacrifice in the name of integrity, Josh Rosebrook is a leader among his peers. While integrity has always been the cornerstone of his namesake brand, his latest endeavor is further proof of his impeccably high standards and commitment to true innovation. Discover more about the making of Hydration Boost Concentrate. 

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