September 2017 Beauty Discovery

September 2017 Beauty Discovery

Beauty Drops PM Maqui Berry

By SkinOwl

When faced with the ethical dilemma of either continuing to source an ingredient that compromised her sustainability standards, or discontinue her Hero product, Annie Tevelin did the only thing she knew to do: travel halfway around the world on an inspiration quest. Her journey led her to Patagonia where she discovered the tiny and mighty purple maqui berry. A native superfruit of Chile, this sweet super-berry was revered by the Mapuche Indians for their high concentration of a delphinidins, a type of polyphenol that delivers potent anti-inflammatory benefits. Because most skin conditions stem from inflammation, maqui has been studied and may help calm acne flareups, rosacea and hyper-pigmentation when applied topically or taken internally.

Beauty Drops PM Maqui Berry is a triumphant return to a legacy formula, Beauty Drops PM Mangosteen. The ingredient update delivers a bigger boost of antioxidants in the same base of organic baobab to calm inflammation, reduce acne flareups and smooth skin texture.

September’s Beauty Discovery is valued at $113.

Join Beauty Heroes by September 20th to receive this month’s Hero product, Beauty Drops PM Maqui Berry, plus Sidekick, Beauty Whip Maqui Berry.



• Clearer, healthier skin

• Visible improvement in evenness and tone

• Smoothed and softened lines



Maqui Berry – calming, clearing, protecting, brightening

Baobab – calming, clearing, nourishing, softening


Beauty Whip Maqui Berry

It’s a mask! It’s a primer! It’s a skin-drenching booster! SkinOwl’s Beauty Whip is a revolutionary formula featuring a velvety blend of organic olive fruit oil and aloe vera infused with vegan MSM (used to build connective tissue) and DMAE (for anti-aging). The versatile mask gets a triple boost of antioxidants from maqui berry, rooibos and green tea. For best results and the coolest experience, keep Beauty Whip refrigerated.

Find It in the Beauty Store 2 oz., $64

Mahalo Skincare_Beauty Heroes_Jeannie Jarnot

Annie Tevelin on her Hero, v2.0

In this exclusive interview, Annie Tevelin breaks her silence about the ethical dilemma that forced her to reformulate her Hero product and how her inspiration quest around the globe led to the evolution of her brand.