September 2018 Beauty Discovery

September 2018

Beauty Discovery

by Josh Rosebrook

A household name in green beauty, Josh Rosebrook brings a refreshing and holistic approach to skin and hair care, and always returns to one universal truth: our bodies know how to heal themselves.

A dual-action professional-grade resurfacing treatment, ideal for all skin types, Hero product Active Enzyme Exfoliator is the foundation of the Josh Rosebrook Skin Care Collection. Sidekicks Hydrating Accelerator and Advanced Hydration Mask are the essentials that help you maintain hydration treatments.

This month’s Discovery treatment trifecta refreshes your skin, minimizes TEWL (trans epidermal water loss) and supports the absorption of lipids from your favorite serums, oils and creams.

September’s Beauty Discovery is valued at $125.

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Active Enzyme Exfoliator


Active Enzyme Exfoliator supports the feeling of healthy cell turnover with enzymes from honey, papaya, yucca, beetroot and elderberry that naturally soften and brighten the skin’s appearance.



Hydrating Accelerator

A top-seller since day one, Hydrating Accelerator is a toner, light moisturizer and herbal vitamin-infused water that balances your skin’s pH and preps your skin to more readily absorb serums, oils and creams that follow.

Advanced Hydration Mask

Advanced Hydration Mask attracts and maintains cellular hydration retention with a synergy of senna seed, aloe vera, mango seed butter, honey and avocado. Ginger, fenugreek and chickweed stimulate circulation while blue tansy, rose and St. John’s wort instill a feeling of calm to inflamed skin.

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Josh Rosebrook: More Than Skin Deep

Green beauty household name Josh Rosebrook takes the conversation deeper than skin and hair care with his unique approach and positive aura.